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Transform your event with a LEDsDance illuminated dance floor.

Literally  a myriad of colours and effects will add that extra special dimension, we can even create colours, patterns and scrolling messages to suit your theme or specific requirements.

Delivered, installed and operated by our professional teams, we can quickly erect any size or shape floor in 60cm x 60cm modules up to a massive total area of 50 m2 (550 sq ft.)

Ideal for Parties, Weddings, Kids parties (special light games included) Catwalks and Promotional events.

Contact us today for a highly competitive quote.

“We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the LEDs Dance floor in any of its configurations”
~ Dave Patrick, The Love Junkies Love Junkies

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You could just clear an area at the venue where you plan to host a party, so that your party guests can have somewhere for them to strut their stuff. However, if you want them to have a fabulous time at your get-together, then what about hiring an Led Dance Floor Portable Dance Floor instead? Can you imagine a sizeable dance floor that lights up as the guests danced upon it? It provides a fantastic visual treat and is well received at all types of plush parties. Who could resist getting up for a quick bop when the Led Dance FloorPortable Dance Floor was switched on? Even the more shy and retiring types of dancers will soon be throwing caution to the wind as they`ll be eager to try the floor out. You can request certain kinds of patterns for the dance floor and even have scrolling messages to suit your individual event. A host of amazing colours can be brought to life on the dance floor and your guests will want to groove away on it all night long. Order an Led Dance Floor Portable Dance Floorfor your wedding marquee or have one delivered for your mum and dad`s anniversary bash. Regardless of the type of occasion it is to be used for, the illuminated floor will be a huge success.

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One of the most important features for any type of party will be somewhere where all the guests can have a boogey. If it wasn`t for a decent sized dance floor the revelers couldn`t groove the night away. The dance floor might be empty at the start of the evening but after a few tipples and once the DJ has worked his magic, it will soon be packed. You can even hire LED types of dance floors that light up as people party upon them. Just like Saturday Night Fever you could light up your venue when you take part in theIlluminated dance floor Dance Floor Hire. All the guys that think they are John Travolta can lay down some serious moves as they try to impress the ladies. Once they have stopped laughing, the ladies can place their handbags on the floor and then proceed to dance around them. Installing theIlluminated dance floor  Dance Floor Hire is an easy process for the suppliers who provide them for numerous events around the country. Once the floor is in position it looks pretty wonderful and large groups of people will want to try it out for themselves. A party just wouldn`t be a party without a dance floor in place and the Illuminated dance floor Dance Floor Hire proves to be popular at many social events.

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